Lovely Day for a Guinness

Guinness Toucan 1955

Guinness Toucan

The toucan was first introduced to Guinness advertising in 1935. The whimsical characterture was created by the artist John Gilroy under the SH Benson agency. The very first poster showed the toucan smiling over two pints of Guinness. The ad copy said:

If he can say as you can
Guinness is good for you
How grand to be a Toucan
Just think what Toucan can do
~ Dorothy L. Sayers

The toucan was widely featured in the 1950’s and was used is their campaign until the early 1980’s.

This “Lovely Day for a Guinness” poster was released in 1955. In this version of Gilroy’s toucan, he used a more comical rendition than in later years.

Lovely Day for a Guinness
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